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How to react when your Chihuahua puppy bites you

Most puppy owners know this problem: Your little rascal is not only rough with the furniture and articles in your home, but also bites when he is playing and frolicking. Although most puppies do not have enough strength to cause injury, their sharp teeth can easily cause small cuts.

Particularly on the subject of biting, it is important, that you know from the start that your little Chihuahua is not being vicious. Up to now, he has been able to develop freely without many rules and does not under - stand taboos.

It is your job in the next few weeks to show him what taboos and which rules he needs to know, carefully and slowly.

Up to now, your Chihuahua has been able to bite hard into his siblings and shake the fur wildly, without injuring them. It is normal for him to behave like that. Now you need to teach him, that he could injure others, particularly children, with this beha­viour.

You can do this in one of two ways. The first method is particularly suit - able for sensitive dogs, who place great importance on your affection to - wards him.

As soon as your Chihuahua begins to play, using his teeth, stop what you are doing immediately. Ideally, you would stand up, turn your back on him and walk a few steps away from him. If you like, you can let out a small cry of pain, the moment he bites.

This would be enough for many puppies. They quickly learn, that biting leads to a break in the great game they were playing and that they will be ignored. For a lot of dogs, this is hardly bearable.

There are some dogs, however, where this method will not be enough. If you seem to have got yourself a wild one who, despite consistent ignoring and breaking up of the game, still insists on happily biting, you will need to increase the pressure.

You must understand that, even when puppies are playing with each other, they are not allowed to do everything they want. If one of them goes too far, he will be put in his place using a muzzle grip. This is often used by the mother of the puppies and is very effective.

When applied to us humans, it means that as soon as your Chihuahua playfully bites, you should hold his muzzle for a short while. You can emphasise this by substituting the growl of the mother with a signal word, such as “bad” or “taboo”.

Use this method consistently and you will see how your puppy will stop biting. Be patient and do not expect too much from your Chihuahua. It could take a little longer than you would like, even if you are consistent.

Do not lose patience with him or lose your motivation, if your puppystarts to bite again after a short while. That is normal. It is important thatyou stay on the ball and remain consistent.


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