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chihuahua breeder california



In this chart published most frequently asked questions and answers to help you make a right choice:

Where are you located?


I 'm residing in Crestline, CA (San Bernardino County, its just 70 mls from Los Angeles Downtown, 100 mls from LAX, 35 mls from ONT airport)

Do you offer delivery service? 

Yes, local delivery within California state is available by car for additional cost (consider miles and hours of travel).

For out of California clients I offer delivery to the LAX , ONT and PSP airports location whithin 100 mls around my zip code for 100$ transporttion fee.

Within US states I offer hand delivery by air flight for aditional fees:

Delivery nanny cost is 600$  + plus flight fare cost from LAX or Ontario Int Airport to your city.

Delivery expenses to be paid by the client in total prior flight booking.

You can use the pet transportation company of your choice as well.

NO CARGO SHIPPING for chihuahua puppies. It is simply impossible and dangerous to ship by Cargo such tiny creatures.

What type of PAYMENT do you accept?

I accept payments only in CASH when you come to pick up your puppy at my location.

For out of CA State clients and online deposits I accept payments via ZELLE and VENMO.

Also all kinds of Western Union transfers are possible if you are using your CREDIT card.

I dont accept - Credit Cards, Paypal, Square etc payments to protect my business from froud.

Can I pay after receiving the puppy? 


Sorry, but I do not allow puppies to leave my home without full payment.

If you are not able to take your puppy home right away we can hold it for you up to 1 month.



For initial reservation you will be asked to pay deposit, and the balance must be paid when you come for local pick it up. In case if you will order DELIVERY - the balance must be paid 48 hrs before scheduled date of the flight. Online payment must be processed before the scheduled flight. 

I wont take a plane with your puppy until I get clear confirmation of the full payment has been received.


500$ if you would like to pickup your puppy from my home in a week.

1000$ if you would like to pickup your puppy from my home location but it takes more then 10 days,

and 30% of total purchase price initial deposit in case if you would like me to deliver your puppy to your airport location out of California state.

Additional boarding fees 15$ per day will be applied to the total puppy purchase price if you woud like to pick up your puppy later then in 10 days, and you want me to hold your puppy and take care of him/her until you will come and take him home.


How much are your puppies? 


We offer only purebred Chihuahua puppies. Average market price for quality Chihuahua puppies is around 6000-12000 $ depends of dog size, gender, color and show quality of the species. Yes, great healthy teacup dogs just can't be cheap.

Our puppies are high quality pets, we breed them from European bloodlines, we invest time and money to train and supervise them, provide best super premium food, plus necessary vet care and vaccinations. That is why we call them "Elite" puppies, and they are priced from 6000$ and up.

When you see puppies online offered for 1000$  - be aware of scam, this is NOT purebred chihuahuas. They come from backyard breeders with no health guarantee.


How I can make sure my puppy is real? 


I understand the risk of buying a puppy out of state and having it shipped, and many people scared of scammers. 

To make sure I m real and my puppies are existing you are very welcome to schedule a video chat with me in-person, plus to see my Youtube and Instagram page. No one scammer would present you so many proves :))  All information including sample of Puppy Purchase Agreement and Current Videos are posted on this website for your convenience.

Can I come over to see your puppies?  


I am sorry, I do not allow visitors for my family's safety and the health and safety of my puppies.

It is not safe to bring strangers into one’s home nowadays. Safety of my puppies and my family members is my priority.

For perspective clients currently I offer initial meeting via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. We can video chat and I will show you my puppies online before you ll take a decision. 

I do not show pups in person locally for anyone who just curious. Chihuahua puppies are too small and frigile at early age. Some contagious canine diseases easily spread by people's shoes and cloth.

Do you have a waiting list?


 If you're seriously interested in one of our puppies, you can submit a puppy application that will keep you on our contact list. Applicants are kept updated and contacted first on new puppies coming up.​

Do you sell your your puppies with AKC papers? 


Due I offer only PET rights for new owners, NO AKC papers , nor pedigree will be provided. My adults are not registered with AKC. I consider this formal detail absolutly unnesessary, not only because this cause additional out of pocket expenses, but also gives no guarantee for the show quality or health issues of the dogs... 

I have a blog post explaining my point of view in regards of this topic.


Can you call me?  


I do not set up phone calls at this time to talk to potential buyers.  I m busy at my full time job, aside of my puppies, and with dozens of requests every week I would be on the phone all days long.  I only prefer email-txt communications for new clients. Contact me if you have any questions.

How can you guarantee adult weight?


Unfortunately, my experience tells me that adult weight can not be guaranteed. However you can expect your dog weight around approx weight accordingly the general size chart.  If you are strict on getting a certain size or want one that'll stay 3 lbs, we suggest looking for puppy that's at least 5 months old so that way you have a better estimate of how big it'll stay.

Most of my puppies are between 3-4.5 lbs at maturity. Again, it depends of what kind of diet you will choose for your future puppy. 

Can I get more pictures and videos of my puppy? 

Yes, all pictures are current, I take new pictures every week as my pups are growing older.  I post at least 3-4 photos of each puppy plus a video at the Available Puppies web page and on Youtube. If pictures or videos are less than a week old then I may not have the time to take extras.  Please be sure that the pictures and/or videos I have posted are always current and updated. 

Can I see parents of my puppy?

I dont keep adult dogs on site, at home. I have full time job and its difficult to keep all dogs with me. Adult dogs they live with my affiliate breeders/partners and have wonderful care. Being a hobby breeder, I have shared ownership of a few adult dogs with professional breeders. This approach allows me to pick one or two puppies from certain litters and make sure they are healthy and purebred dogs. However I will not disclose any information about my partners, their contacts and locations. Please visit my page "Parents" where you can see pictures of our adult dogs.

Do you sell with full breeding rights? 

No, my puppies are not for breeding. Teacup and Mini size Chihuahuas simply not allowed to participate breeding programs. Pregnancy may cause severe health problems and death in small dogs. Whelping of such dogs require a lot of experience and knowlege. So, under the our Agreement terms - all puppies must be neutered/ spayed at the proper age.

If you are looking for Chihuahua puppy for future breeding you must choose a bigger individuals, about 5,5 lbs and up. We can talk if you are interested to buy a puppy specifically for your breeding program and I can offer you a good quality puppy with certain parameters for this term. But in this case you must be a lisenced breeder with experience.

In general, my dogs are not for breeding anyway.  

What will the puppy comes with? 


Our puppies ready to go to new home at age of 3-4 month, with all age appropriate shots, international veterinary passport, microchipped, properly dewormed, and fully examined by veterinarian. ​

How do I know I'm getting a puppy from a good environment? 


Our dogs live in our home and are given the proper care they each deserve. I personally interact with my puppies and supervise them every day. They are vet checked regularly and are all up-to-date on shots and preventatives.  Our puppies are raised in our home and will come to you healthy, well-socialized and pre-spoiled! 

We don't offer STUD services currently, buy I may have offer it in future.

We don't provide payment plans to purchase our puppies. 

Delivey terms
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