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How much teacup Chihuahuas cost in 2023?

Since I receive many emails and calls from clients who seems to be surprised ( and sometimes upset) with our puppies price range, I ve decided to make it clear and follow up here with my educational article for your information. I mean, more realistic information how the cost of teacup Chihuahuas being formed.

If you based your expectation on outdated Google information from 2012, while searched for average teacup puppy cost, you probably found out average teacup puppy cost must be around 1500$... but don’t believe and skip it immediately as misinformative.

For teacup Chihuahuas offered below 4000$ you should watch for

“not really a teacup” (they will grow suddenly above the standard weight),

or MIX-breed Chihuahua (not a purebred dogs) ,

or a backyard breeder’s puppy with unpredictable genetics,

because professional breeders invest a lot of money for breeding high quality puppies ( will be disclosed below).

Here is up to date blog post below, where you can see current price range for all toy breeds. And it sounds much more like true.

Using low cost puppies advise from Google search as a reference will lead you to unfortunate meeting with scammers or puppy mills.

If you have limited budget and aiming to obtain a teacup dog anyway – you have a great opportunity to adopt a teacup Chi from the local shelter. So many dogs they are waiting for loving families up there!

Reference website links:

Toy Breed Blog Canine Bible:

Reputable breeders for high quality puppies

(for your reference, please compare prices for teacup and minni size Chihuahuas on the market):


Wow! Why teacup puppies are so expensive???

1. Breeding cost. Some math ))

One bitch can produce only 1 litter per year for healthy breeding. Most of the small dogs they able to produce only 2-4 babies per litter. And in some litters we have no teacup sized puppies at all. But only standard Chis...

This is completely different from large dogs practice. For example Labrador or Spaniel produce 7-10 puppies per single litter! Feel the difference.

Just for your education – the cost associated to grow just ONE litter of Chihuahua puppies can be on avg from 8000 to 15000$ in USA in 2022. (Just see the full chart below)

  • Expenses related to Vet exams,

  • Ultrasounds,

  • Multiple blood tests, and then

  • OFA and CERF certifications of health for Mom

  • Brucellosis test & health check for bitch

  • Stud fee

  • Semen collection and transcervical insemination

  • Ultrasound check on status of breeding

  • X-ray to confirm pregnancy

  • C-section surgery

  • DNA tests

  • New puppies vaccinations

  • Food

  • Whelping supply

  • Etc, etc, etc

2. Breeding Teacup Dogs: How Are Cheap Teacup Dogs Made?

"Are you wondering how cheap teacup dogs get to be so small? Are you curious about why they are prone to so many health issues?

The answer may lie in the unscrupulous breeding techniques used to produce such tiny dogs. The most common teacup breeding techniques that can be detrimental to the dogs’ health and size include breeding the runt of the litter.

Runts are any offspring that is smaller than their siblings, usually due to congenital birth defects, malnourishment, or other medical condition. Breeders pair the so-called “runts” of the litters to produce an entire offspring of smaller-than-average dogs (teacups), says Dr. Meeks."

Not all teacup puppies are produced by breeding very small adult dogs. Some puppies sold as "teacup" puppies are merely premature puppies. Unethical breeders will sometimes lie about a puppy's age in order to make it appear that the puppy will be small as an adult.

3. We strive for healthhy responsible breeding

While growing in our home , our puppies have the best care we can provide to raise healthy companions with great social skills and temperament!

They sleep in large clean separate room equipped with plenty of toys, beds for everyone. They eat Super Premium and Holistic food.

They have regular grooming and vet check ups to get ready for new loving parents!

We have only limited number of litters per year.

Sign up for our waiting list to meet you dream puppy as soon as it available!

Check available puppies page for current litters here

Sincerely yours,

Yulia Sky Chihuahuas


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