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Last Updated on February, 24th, 2024

  • All prices are subject to change at any time before deposits are placed.
  • Our miniature puppies price range is 6.000 - 12.000$ depends of the size, color, body conformation and age.
  • VIDEO CALL  available for approved applications
  • We reserve the right to refuse our puppies to anyone for any reason.
  • All payments received whether deposit or full amount are non-refundable unless your puppy/dog becomes severely ill or deceased while in our care.
Most Recent Video From Our Youtube

(mini boy)


RARE & UNIQUE Golden with lilac hint coat boy with deep Blue eyes!

This boy is not just handsome, he has a amaziing cheerful personality. 

Martin is very outgoing,  happy and active pup, who always lead the game, being super friendly with other siblings, and yet he loves to be involved in family activities and get together. 

Currently 3,5 mo old, Martin is currently 2 lbs and charting to grow up to 4,5 lbs approx. adult weight.

I personally deliver my puppies to your nearest airport. Local pickup available for CA residents. Sorry, NO cargo shipping.