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Orange Stamp

Updated  on October, 7th , 2022

Our puppies cost around 5500-7500$. All prices are subject to change at any time
before deposits are placed.

ON AVERAGE Teacup size is 3-4 lbs | Mini size is 4-5 lbs | Standard size is 5-6 lbs

We reserve the right to refuse our puppies to anyone for any reason.
All payments received whether deposit or full amount are non refundable unless your puppy/dog becomes severely ill or deceased while in our care.
Teacup Tille

Our little jewel Tille born to be a teacup "boyfurriend" for you ))) This Handsom in white smooth coat has light blue eyes!

His weight at 12 weeks is  just 1.2lbs. So it looks like Tille is going to be 3 lbs adult weight.

He has very gentle character, but enough courage to participate active games with other puppies who definitely larger then him!

Tille will appreciate your warm hugs and love to sit on your laps while you work on your computer or drive your car. 


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