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AKC is not a guarantee, but just an option

Just because AKC has a special club with a secret hand shake and membership dues that only certain dogs are invited to , does not give them final say over the entire breeding world.

But I just want to make it clear - I m sure there is a plenty of AKC registered so-called "purebred apple heads" on the market that will have DNA test revealed to be mixed breed as well.

Years ago I became with solution of AKC when I realized their pedigrees was only as honest as their breeders ((. And many breeders are not honest. Many...

I ve been in a breeding role long enough to see breeders do all sorts of tricky tricks with their AKC paperwork.

I think AKC trying sustain their value on top of it ensuring integrity of their breeders, but there are so plenty of unethical AKC registered breeders out there who just lie about parentage and mislead their clients!

So keep in mind – just because you re adopting an "AKC registered dog" does not mean you are guaranteed a purebred or otherwise perfect genetics dog.

We decided not to register our dogs with AKC, because we dont need additional confirmation and not willing to pay extra for annual membership fees, what makes by the way cost of the puppies even more pricey...

It is obvious, our dogs have perfect body conformation, including apple head, great temperament and personality all of this accordingly Chihuahua breed standards speaking for purebred itself.

Also we are intentionally not providing any AKC papers for our clients, just because puppies are sold only like family PETS, with no breeding rights for new owner.


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