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Ready to eat - canned moisture food for Chihuahua puppy

Recommended food for chihuahua puppies should be free of fat andheavy raw meet.

You can choose between grain free (mixed with vegetables) of fusion with grains (barley or rise).

Using moisture food from cans make sure it is fresh, does not exceed expiration date, and has not been opened or damaged! Spoiled canned food will poison your dog.

During past 2 years experimenting with different brands from fancy organic foods to simple local manufacturers I decided to stay with 2 names so far - "Purina Pro Plan" and "Nutro".

They offer wet cannet food "ready to eat" as a puree or small cuts in gravy.

This tipe of food you can easily buy online or in PetSmart, Petco and Walmart.

I suggest to follow our diet at least for 2 month and after you can switch to the food of your choice.


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