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Essential Puppy Kit

Use this check list to prepare some ultimate new puppy supply to make your sweetie pie comfortable at your home.

So,what do you need to get ready before your puppy will come?

  1. Two dishes for water and food, diameter up to 4-5 inches small

  2. XSmall size collar or and 6 ft leash

  3. Pee Pads 17X24 inches or so

  4. Grooming tools (soft brush and nail grinder for dogs)

  5. Dont buy a fancy bed or coach for your puppy from the very beginning - to avoide your effort washing it after every accidential peeing. It 's better to start from 2 simple beds made from easy-to-clean-fabric

  6. Cleaning and desinfecting solution, odor removal spray and paper towels

  7. Playpen or crate. Its good to limit a space around your little puppy at least for nights, or for period of time when you are not able to supervise him.

  8. Gentle puppy shampoo and personal towel for your pup.

  9. Canned and dry food to keep the same diet as he had in breeder's home.

  10. Shoulder bag to carry your pups when you go for walk together

And of course prepare some cute and fun toys for your adorable baby chih))


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