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What's wrong with Teacup Chihuahua definition?

Recently, while reading some comments on my Youtube Channel I 've found there some viewers who warn others not to trust and stay away from breeders who call their puppies "Teacup"... Teacup Chihuahua as most popular term.

Literally I was surprised how people become afraid of simple things just because they now so little, or event don't know anything about the topic they discuss))

Let me explain what it means and why "Teacup" search term is so popular among people who looking for Chihuahua puppies.

Pure-bred, smaller-than-average Chihuahuas are known as "teacup" Chihuahuas. Technically speaking, they are not a distinct breed. This term is not approved by any Cynological organization in the World. It is not a breed and is not a sub-breed of the dominant breed. But people call them "teacup" or "micro"- sized little Chihuahuas.

The name "Teacup Chihuahua" refers to mature Chihuahuas that are smaller than average in size and is only a description or, more exactly, a marketing ploy to target clients who looking for specifically smaller Chihuahua puppies.

In general, by the breed standard a Chihuahua should weigh between 4 and 6 pounds (1.8-2.7 kg), however there is no minimum weight standards as previously noted. The national and international clubs sometimes allow chihuahuas that weigh just 2 or 3 pounds (0.9 - 1.3 kg).

But generally in the world of Chihuahuas such small weight is not allowed for breeding and also not allowed to participate Official Dog Shows. Despite of this fact, these little Chihuahuas appear to be quite well-liked by dog owners.

It might be difficult to predict if your Chihuahua puppy will be teacup-sized. They all born from standard size parents. That is why teacup chihuahuas are so rare and quite expensive.

The eventual size of your Chihuahua puppy cannot be predicted by the breeder while the pup is only 2-3 month old... The size of a Chihuahua

can be complicated by genetics, they grow inconsistently, thus a puppy that is described as a "Teacup Chihuahua" when 6 weeks may eventually weigh 5 or 6 pounds full grown.

A Teacup Chihuahua is meant to be your fur-ever kid

These dogs are small and have fragile bones, which makes them prone to injuries. Young children shouldn’t be allowed to play alone with a Chihuahua, because they’re not careful enough. Stepping or sitting on a Teacup Chi that’s hiding under the blanket can easily kill the dog.

Purchasing a mature Chihuahua, or slightly grown puppy rather than a very young puppy will make the process simpler and secure. Your pup will be completely developed when a year old or older, and you can be certain of her proportions at that point.

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