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MIRAH happily found her loving daddy in Apple Valley, CA


Mirah is a gorgeous little girl with an irresistible babydoll face, big ears, and adorable eyebrows markings on her black coat. Her name "Mirah" means "Princess", and she got a lot of likes in our Instagram page!

Mirah is easygoing, smart and curious girl with excellent body conformation.

Her favorite hobbies are new toys, and catch-me-if-you-can games with her siblings.

Sure, Mirah is a girl with a loyal and sweet personality. She really enjoys cuddle time , when she can have some nap on your laps.

Currently she is 4 mo old. Charting to be a mini  size Chihuahua, about 4.5 lbs at maturity.

Fully vaccinated with 12 month Health guarantee.

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