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How to schedule a Vet Appointment for your puppy wellness check?

You 've just adopted your beloved little Chihuahua companion? Congratulations!

Here I would like to share with you the easiest way to find a Vet Clinic near your location, and schedule an appointment for your new Puppy wellness check.

PETCO has an authorized veterinary clinic almost at all locations. They help for wellness check ups, vaccinations, sick pet treatments, blood tests, etc. Online system allows you to schedule the appointment online at most convenient day and time:


Similar to Petco clinics, you can apply for the appointment at PETSMART veterinary cervices - "Banfield Vet Hospital". They have more extended service list, as they are able to perform surgeries, XRays and different type of tests as well. Click the link for appointments:

If you have your own trusted Veterinarian, that is great! Just make sure - this doctor is familiar with teacup Chihuahuas features and health concerns. In my experience, its quite hard to find a really good and experienced doctor, who interested truly in helping your pet, instead of confusing and scaring new pet owners in favor of their business :))

Love you!


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