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The "World Class Chiuahuas" Breeder Recommends: PET SUPPlY FOR YOUR NEW PUPPY

My dear followers and clients, you are frequently asking me for professional advice: "What I should buy to get my home ready for a new puppy ?"

Alright, here I ve posted for your review all must have supply , that I use for my fur babies at the World Class Chihuahuas, and what I suggest you to buy for your new family member:


Just a samle of recommended carrier bags for travel with puppy. Click the link to Amazon store


Currently your puppy is on ROYAL CANIN PUPPY X-SMALL. This is a worldwide known dry food brand, and I m using it for all my puppies.

Portion size (my recommendations):

  • For puppies 1-2 lbs current weight - 1 tea spoon per meal, 4-5 times a day

  • For puppies 2-3 lbs current weight 1 table spoon per meal, 3 times a day

  • For puppies 3 -5 lbs 2 table spoons of kibbles per meal, 3 times a day Buy here:

For sure, you can change the kibbles brand, or entire diet completely, but not earlier them in 4 weeks after the adoption day. Food change can severely affect sensitive digestion of your little one, and it must be careful step by step process. Make it right way!

• Good addition to the little puppy’s diet is canned food like this one Royal Canine Puppy (puree) once a day or once in 2 days. It can also help for appetite stimulation during teething period.

Portion size recommended: 1/3 of the can per meal. Depends of the puppy current weight.


For puppies 14 weeks and older I successfully use WELLNESS wet food (canned) diet

. It is very natural and very yammy )) Kitten size cuns are much more efficient, because your puppy will consume only 1/3 of the 5 oz can per meal. Here is the link

ADD-ON nutrition (What else we use for healthy diet and nutrition)

To prevent Hypoglycemia and also good for travel : High Calorie Gel for puppies

or such.


No raw meet treats for Chihuahua puppies (such as beef and lamb bones, tracheas, tendons etc) . SImply NOPE. And I dont recommend any treats with peanut butter and high carbohydrates. What is really good for little puppies – dried and fresh fruits (apples, bananas), veggies (carrots, sweet potatio).

And for teething period is this one:


MUST HAVE (!) item for safety and comfort of your puppy. Good for start in new home, when puppy feels much more safe and comfortable in a limited space. Excellent option for Potty Training at any age and potty behavior correction.

At my home I use several different playpens and room dividers - here they are:

  1. Large and easy to assembly play ground for your puppy:

2. Portable playpen, soft fence, medium size, suitable for 1 pet indoor temporary stay or travel time:

2. Much LARGER variation of the playpen a-la-fence for toddlers. Easy to assemble, great to manage the room space:


Use good quality, large litter pan for your little doggie. It makes potty training much easier.

I strongly recommend it for Chi boys! Potty tray will prevent the floor from leaking out urine, as well as create a secret place for the puppy , where he/she goes everytime, knowing this is his/her personal toilet room :))

I use 2 trays like this in my home. (click on the picture for shopping)



Its just opional stuff to have for fast eaters :)) It prevents chocking. I ve discovered, there are not every slow feeder may fit tiny Chihuahuas and Yorkies muzzles. Some of them are designed too high. And yet, some of the slow feeders on the market are huge and wont be used for tiny pups. I choose this couple of variations of the available online slow feeder bowls:

And this one you can buy for teacup size Chihuahua babies.

It is just for 0.5 cup size:


Cushion, or dog bed, must be made of easy-to-clean desied. I dont recommend over sized puffy and fluffy stuff. Because they collect so much germs and fleas, and it s not easy to clean them up after all. Beds with removable inlay are much better. Its great to have variations for summer and winter , to switch models time to time. For example, in my home, the best choice for long haired Chihuahuas are beds made of smooth fabric, not a fluffy pillows ))

Contact me if you need my advice choosing good stuff for your dog. I can share with you my experience if dog food, supplement, toys, pee pads, carrier bags etc.

I offer ongoing support for all my ex-puppies, from yongsters to adults. If you have any questions or my professional opinion, please dont hesitate to contact me at or @worldclasschihuahuas Instagram page.

Hugs ))


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