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Chihuahua Fashion Stores Online. For Tiny Fashionistas

Wearing clothes can help your dog stay warm and dry. It’s also a great way to add cuteness to your Chihuahua. A cute sweater or a cute hat will catch the eye of your viewers. You can even dress your Chihuahua in a dress if you want.

While shopping online for my chis I ve found it quite hard to find really small dresses for teacup and mini babies. Even though the size may shown as XS - the real cloth size coming up so much larger then expected. I decided to share with you some links where I ve found dresses and accessories that fit puppies 6-8 inch body lengh.

If you would like to share with me your favorite Chihuahua store - please leave me a comment below!

How to Buy Chihuahua Fashion

You can dress up your Chihuahua in several ways. Some owners like to wear shirts or sweaters. These clothes are easy to put on and remove, but some dogs don’t tolerate the clothes. Ideally, you should choose clothing that is easy to clean and is comfortable for your Chi. For example, a cotton shirt will be comfortable for your Chi to wear. Other types of clothes include jackets or weatherproof jackets.

If you want to go out to a formal event, you can buy a bow tie or a Chihuahua collar. Both these pieces of clothing will match your suit or dress. If you’re going to a formal event, you can also buy a matching chihuahua sweater to wear. The collar can be worn over a dress or in a suit.

It’s important to remember that Chihuahuas are small dogs, and their coats are likely to shed. A winter coat can help protect your pup from the cold. A winter coat will prevent your pup from overheating in the cold. In addition, your pet’s style will stand out in a crowd. The right dog fashion will make you feel stylish and stand out. Just be creative and wear what your dog loves!

Here is a compilation of links to some shops I liked:

PETS Creations: independent designer who makes little apron style dresses (velcro closing at the throat and belly) - many of which have matching hats!

Grace's Design; Independent designer who makes apron style dress with matching hair bows! These are really fashionable quality dresses.

Rock N' Pooches: Independent designer who makes full-fronted little dresses and some jackets and other things

Platinum Puppy Couture! I'm happy to see it's still there!

Chihuahua Style Shop

Chihuahua Kingdom

Famous Chihuahua Store

Hand Made Dresses (Made-To-Order) EBay seller

Dog Clothes Hand Made

CoCo Fashion Store on eBay


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